Recent Projects

SDG&E: D Street Fill Wetland Restoration

Project Duration: September 2015 – December 2016

Location: National City, CA.

Scope: A wetland mitigation project which involved creating a salt marsh ecosystem by excavating 125,000 CY’s of fill and spreading it out over a 30 acre site. The project was environmentally sensitive due to the federally endangered Least Tern bird nesting habitat that is located on the site. The project was very successful! The site was graded and built as designed and the Least Tern birds returned to the newly created wetland!

SDG&E: Circuit 1090

Project Duration: September 2015 – July 2016

Location: Jamul, CA.

Scope:  Installation of duct bank for new 12kV underground distribution circuit to serve residential and commercial customers in the unincorporated area of Jamul, CA., including all trenching, installations, backfill, surface repairs and finish paving on State Hwy. 94.


A.M. Ortega Construction, Inc.: Channel Rd. Yard Improvements

August 2015

Location: San Diego, CA.

Scope: Concrete yard improvements on Channel Rd.

channel yard 1
channel yard 2
channel yard 3

SDG&E: TL 6914 Wood to Steel Conversion

Project Duration: May 2015 – August 2015

Location: El Cajon, CA.

Scope: Provided SWPPP BMP Maintenance for 150 Pole Locations. Grading and ground preparation and maintenance.

SDG&E: Cannon Substation Site Development

Project Duration: August 2014 – November 2014

Location: Carlsbad, CA.

Scope: Demolition and removal, clearing and grubbing, grading, import and installation, temporary and permanent fence installations, site drainage and dewatering.

Habitat for Humanity: 10th Street and Donax Ave.

Project Duration: September 2015, December 2015, April 2016

(Three phases)

Location: Imperial Beach, CA.

Scope: Installed 2-4” conduit for secondary electric and 2-4” conduit for telecommunications from meter location to pole. Excavation and installation of gas service line from 10th Street Main to meter location. Assisted SDG&E with tie overs and energizing service. Asphalt restoration; Asphalt concrete base and cap in accordance with applicable municipal standards.