Founded in 1974, A.M. Ortega Construction, Inc. has served a long and distinguished list of clients throughout the Western United States for over 40 years. Our clients include major utility companies, such as Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, and Southwest Gas Corporation, in addition to countless private companies and residential property owners. We are committed to the success and quality of every project, no matter the size.

At A.M. Ortega, we strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction and to consistently demonstrate the superior quality of our work for all of our customers. A.M. Ortega crews are prepared to take on dry utilities construction projects from the generating station to the customer house connection anywhere in the Southwest. We’ve completed projects at every level of complexity in a safe, accurate, and timely manner.

A.M. Ortega crews have the experience necessary to continue to provide outstanding quality and on time completions for projects in Southern California and beyond.

Core Values

Safety: A consistent awareness and responsibility for the protection of our crews, subcontractors, the community and property.
Accountability: Ownership of our actions which influence the lives of our customers, fellow workers, and community, while respecting self and others to maintain an environment of teamwork and growth.
Integrity: To act with honor, honesty and respect without compromise.
Innovation: We collectively empower all stakeholders to take initiative to promote new and creative ideas which have the potential to change the world of our company and our customers.
World-Class Service: Providing superior workmanship while achieving excellence and efficiency.

Mission Statement

A.M. Ortega’s mission is to provide diverse civil engineering solutions for current and future generations with emphasis on safety, excellent workmanship and innovation.

Safety Vision

At A.M. Ortega Construction, we believe that a successful project begins and ends with a safe work environment and the safety of our team, our customers, our subcontractors, and the general public. Our extensive safety program far surpasses the industry standard to ensure that all A.M. Ortega employees are active participants in creating and maintaining a successful safety culture.

In order to accomplish this goal, we have implemented a number of programs throughout our company to promote safe work practices and to respond proactively when incidents occur, including:

State of the art Hands-on Safety & Training Facility

  • The Tom Graham Training Center was established to provide a place for operational training of new and veteran employees in safe work practices. In addition to the classroom setting, the facility is located on more than 3 acres and has numerous training stations for key field operations. The facility has permanent staff dedicated to safety and ongoing training operations. Integrated Software Solutions
  • A.M. Ortega Construction has adopted an integrated software solution produced by Heavy Construction Software Suite (HCSS) which provides integration of timekeeping, equipment and vehicle maintenance, dispatching, project document control, safe work practices and incident investigation review and reporting. This system has improved the accuracy and frequency of safety related job inspections, and enhanced project documentation and data analysis.

Bi-Weekly Safety Topics

  • Our safety topics are created from various inputs and are based on learning moments from within the company and industry wide. This approach gives crews the feeling that our program is current and personalized as opposed to “canned and mass”.

Safety Incentive Program

  • Our Safety Incentive Program acknowledges foremen and crew members that have gone above and beyond in regards to safety. A plaque is presented to the nominated individuals during quarterly all hands meetings. We believe it is important for these individuals and their accomplishments to be recognized before their peers and management.

Daily JSA “Stretch-and-Flex”

  • Foremen are required to lead their crews through a “Stretch-and-Flex” exercise before they begin their regular work day. This activity is completed in conjunction with the daily Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for the scope of the day’s work activities. JSA forms are state of the art. All JSA’s are submitted to the Safety Department on a daily basis and are reviewed for thoroughness and accuracy.

New Hire Orientation

  • New hire orientation covers all aspects of work that A.M. Ortega performs. The training is held by a qualified member of the safety department. Our goals is that if employees feel and see commitment to safety from management, and they are more likely to contribute to the safety culture of the Company.

Engaged Safety Officers

  • Safety officers are actively engaged in review and correction of work practices on our job sites.

Safety Trend Reports

  • Safety reports are provided to management on a quarterly basis. These reports give leadership a sense of direction while conducting audits and holding safety meetings.